Chairman: The Architect and writer H.I.M Prince Mychial

me to the official site, of SYMEON PALACE RETAIL, a must for the 21st centuary and the fisrt to deliver cloud! in its entirety by the click of a button. 

Products and services are now accessible from one location via the NET the quickest and simpiest way to communite in ecommerce by using just your mobile smartphone and androids for electronic data in the form of Music, Films and books.

Symeon Palace has been created as the retail chain to carry out the administration of the SYMEON PALACE project and developed to assist all those in the community by offering products and services at a price they can afford.

There are plans for a chain of such like stores to be located in each community, providing jobs for a wide sector of the community and assistance where required in services with a commitment to make sure this is implimented with a solid structure for future generations.

The Symeon Palace Group consist of members throughout the west from all of the major industries including films, music, building and construction, law, retailing, manufacturing, publishing, health, textiles, design, communications, flights, oil, precious stones, metals, livestock, agriculture, research, education/training, food/beverages, finance etc.

Symeon Palace is the place to a number of projects covering all aspects of the above industries and subsidiaries.

Each of the industries in the Symeon palace admin has a specialist team team of professionals, from inception to completion headed by the chief architect and designer.

Research has established the need for both product and services from symeon palace cloud.

A better standard of living, better working conditions, shorter hours which is offered by the groups subscription agreement.  

The aim of the company is to create a peaceful, professional environment for employees and members of the group and customers.

Symeon Palace is to inspire the most innovative concepts in designs for the 21-century and beyond from some of the most talented and gifted individuals from around the world to be commissioned by symeon palace and its subsidiaries.

Symeon Palace will be be promoting, recruiting and auditioning on a world-wide promotional campaign to all nationalities/organizations for individuals wishing to take part in this production, which will create 1000s of jobs worldwide.

With the cooperation and unity between all employees and members the Symeon palace group is the most innovative company of its kind in the world today.

All members and employees of SYMEON PALACE are registered subscribers to GABRIAL@PAYPAL as supporters to the continuing foundations and structure for group.

And are main shareholders(customers) to recieve any benefits in special offers and discounts from all retail outlets. 

Non-refundable Administration fee will be £1.00 per week by GABRIAL transfere. 

Payment options