Official seal:

Chairman/Owner: Architect Prince Mychial

me to the official site, of Gabrial private Banking and Archangel investments, 
I am the Chief Architect and Chairman to the seats to members to the board of directors, each representing their community.

I am Writer, Architect, Director and Creative Artist promoting SYMEON PALACES festival of the tree of life, peace and goodwill to all mankind. 

I am the writer of the book! "The Archangel H.I.M Prince Mychial"  and the book of the seven stars and sealed with the seven thunders, bearing the ark of the covenant.

I am Prince of PEACE by the wisdom and knowledge and the understanding bestowed on me.

I am recruiting for employment all Males and females for the creation of the SYMEON PALACES festival of the TREE OF LIFE to which all the Nations, Cultures, Tribes, Princes, Princesses, Priests, Saints, Lords and KINGS are invited.

This is a NEW! creation for males and females and children in the community, who have registered their names in Gabrial's book of life according to the laws of the land tithe subscription.
Tithe subscription is not a cost but a surety for the festival of the tree of life to include the Banqueting feast of the passover, live shows and entertainment, music and songs, childrens world of fun and learning and all festival activities.

Only those names registered as subscribers will have access to the FESTIVAL, and all its Gifts and Feasts, and for the healing of the nations.

Gabrial Banking and Archangel Investments is a non profit foundation with proposals for 144000 offices worldwide to help the Poor and needy people of the world to receive help with spiritual upliftment by book of life SUBSCRIPTIONS for monthly tree of life FESTIVAL celebrations with LIVE MUSICAL entertainment, Banqueting feast, Choirs, Poetry, and a line up of creative and performing ARTS for each community .

Subscription is only from this site for TREE OF LIFE FESTIVALS and all that pertains to the well being of the masses and employees, and families and friends who wish to attend the tree of life festival, and to receive all its benefits: 
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