About Us

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GMP TV (Gabrial motion Pictures)  pioneers in new 21st century technology for audio communications and visual entertainment for all subscribers interested in the creative and performing arts for media broadcast via radio and television and all participating media communications networks.

We specialist in News, Documentaries, Books, Music, Films, Fashion and over 144000 products and services for our local communities in entertainment and media communications also for android and mobile platforms.

Our services team headed by our customer service executive is the very best in the world with a specialist team to help you with your enquirers, for all Gabrial products and services.

As a subscriber you will receive FREE special invitations to all event promotions, discounts and free gifts issued every month, we are the only group to be able to provide such service, where subscribers are the beneficiaries.

By subscribing £1.00 per week, for your membership registration you will receive a first class service provision and products discounts not available to non subscribers, such as music and voice training, access to all creative mediums and art forms in films, radio, theater etc.

Your subscription membership will help to finance and sustain all initiatives in the creative arts, and also save you £££££s per month in entertainment for your children, who are pure, where all is provided free of any charges, that our children s future are held secure as a inheritance of their parents.