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Design and Build Procurement for the built environment

About us

SYMEON PALACE HOUSING is a independent housing developer and landlord that has now! been established to meet the needs of local communities.

For over 40 years we have researched to provide 144000 housing projects around the world and are planning to build as many as possible each year to meet the current housing market.  

All of our proposed development homes are luxury flats, apartments to all subscribers, and managed by our home ownership division

Our strong reputation will be based on providing and managing well-designed homes to a high standard. 

We are committed to offer our subscribers good quality, affordable, safe and secure homes and services. 

SYMEON PALACE housing is a independent housing administration and regulated by a board of  directors.

We do not receive public funding to build new homes.

We are led by our board of management, which is made up of people with a wide range of skills and

Our aim is to provide and improve affordable homes for people who need housing.


We reinvest any profits into affordable housing; by building new homes, maintaining existing ones and helping to improve local communities. 

To apply for our housing, you first need to register with the scheme by subscription,


 you will be directed to another screen to register your name and details to Gabrial @paypal . 

The Proposed developments will give you a priority. You then wait for the home you are interested in, in the location you want, to be completed, with regular updates and promotions in your area.

We build on a design and build procurement and alocate to our subscribers across the World.

When homes become available, we publish them through our global communications network.

This is a legal commitment that includes the rights and responsibilities you have as a subscriber, and the rights and responsibilities we have as your housing developers and building group, all work will be sourced internally creating job opportunities in your local community. 

You are at NO risk of losing your home whilst you remain a subscriber. existing residents who have a secure tenancy with government and private landlords can register for transfer.

You can not be evicted from your home.

Retirement living

We know many older people like the idea of living independently, but with the reassurance of knowing that help is at hand in an emergency. We encourage independent living by providing retirement housing.

Self-contained apartments within retirement living schemes
Our retirement living schemes provide self-contained flats within a main building, with the benefit of communal facilities and a scheme manager on site. They offer people over 60 a friendly, safe and secure place to live independently. 

Apartments with an emergency alarm link 
Available to those over the age of 55, these homes are situated in a range of popular residential areas. They are linked to a 24-hour emergency alarm service, giving you peace of mind that help is at hand if you need it. 

How to apply:

Its Simple, all you have to do is subscribe and we do all the rest, you will recieve notification by email and updates via social links.

IF you’re over 60 and looking for a new home with a little bit of support then one of our retirement living housing schemes might be just what you need. You’ll have your own place, with the high-quality accommodation and privacy you expect, but in a secure environment.

Retirement living schemes/Extra care schemes

You’ll have a self-contained apartment with a lounge, jacuzzi/shower-room and at least one bedroom. You will also be able to enjoy the shared facilities available within the scheme, such as a communal lounge, garden, laundry room, and even a hairdressing salon, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, all genre of music entertainment, parks and water fountains.

All our retirement living schemes have a dedicated scheme manager who you can call on for help. This, coupled with a 24-hour back up service provided by our emergency call alarm, means that help is available at any time, day or night.

And, because our retirement living schemes are situated in the heart of communities, you can still be close to friends and family. We’ll even help you get the best of the local services available such as healthcare, leisure and social activities.

Emergency alarm service
Your home will be fitted to an emergency alarm service if you live at a retirement living scheme or in one of our other properties for older people.

The alarm service gives you reassurance and peace of mind that you can alert people to help you in an emergency, 24 hours a day.

Your home is connected to the service through an remote alarm unit or ipads in your appartments. By touching a button on the unit, you can call for help at any time.

Your call will be answered quickly and calmly by staff at the control centre which provides the service to our residents. 

Your home is covered by a scheme manager, your call will be answered by our scheme manager. When the scheme manager is not available, your call will be answered by the control centre.

When you use the alarm, you will be connected to a trained and friendly spirit who will talk to you and take the right action. 

Scheme manager
Your home will be covered by a scheme manager is you live in one of our retirement living schemes. Your scheme manager is on site each day.

Your scheme manager is responsible for:
• providing you with a safe, secure and well maintained environment for you to live in; 
• giving you advice and assistance to help you manage your health and wellbeing;
• giving you advice and assistance to help you get the income you are entitled to;
• encouraging you to take part in social activities and opportunities to learn new skills; and
• giving information and support so you can be part of your local community.  

Boards of management

H.I.M Prince Mychial is head of 144000 well-informed boards of management whose members have wide ranging skills.

Local boards
A new administration board shall be set up for each housing project.

Each local board is comprised of residents .

The local board deals with day-to-day work relating to our housing services and customer satisfaction, as well as areas such as community projects. The local board considers issues of interest to residents such as repairs and maintenance, It also monitors performance on behalf of residents and consider issues raised by residents. The local board meets around  once per month, with each meeting on a theme called the festival of the tree of life.

We believe the new board structure will help us to continue making effective business decisions. And by having more tenant board members, it will increase the involvement of residents in our decision-making.

streamline our decision-making, so it is faster and more consistent
inform our decision-making with more direct local knowledge and residents experience
provide better opportunities for us to engage with local communities and respond to local issues
cut administration costs by increasing the number of board members and meetings
help our board members to work together more easily and flexibly

Join the local board

We are looking for enthusiastic residents to become board members and help run the organisation. You will not need special skills just commitment to a better future for your children and your children's children.

And a genuine desire to improve the lives of all Symeon palace residents.

As a board member you are to make sure we are delivering the level of service expected of Symeon palace. 

This includes the way repairs are handled. You will also be consulted on business-critical decisions on the future.

You will be expected to attend at least 12 board meetings a year and attend events Sponsored by Symeon palace.

In return you will live and enjoy the most beautiful and secure environment of Symeon palace.

If you would like to be a Subscription member! register today. 

Working for us

The board covers a wide area of administration roles including housing management, administration, development and regeneration, finance, and resident support. 

Working for Gabrial Housing Group is more than just a job. It's about making a difference to people's lives in all we do to provide affordable housing and support for communities to flourish.

At Symeon palace we value people.

 We want to attract, develop and keep the best people so we can continue to provide quality homes and services.

So, we aim to develop our people to their full potential, giving them the best tools for the job.

Working for us offers many benefits, including highest competitive pay and generous entitlements. We are committed to equal opportunities and we use the Investors in People Standard to help us achieve even greater success through our people.

Our values underpin all that we do. Everyone can have a pathway to career development:

We aim to promote home grown talent
We appoint talent, knowledge
We are honest with each other about what we can and can't do
We focus on solutions
We celebrate success
We go out of our way to help colleagues
We communicate widely and effectively
Subscribers are the driving force behind our leadership
We treat all our subscribers and colleagues with dignity and respect.
If you think you can contribute to our group, and are interested in joining a supportive and forward thinking organisation, we would like to hear from you.

Symeon palace is the place for you!

We want the website to be easy to use, with up to date and relevant information. If there is anything we can do to improve it, please let us know.

We always welcome your feedback. We’re even more delighted to hear from you if you want to become more involved in shaping the services we offer. Your commitment can be as great or small as you can make it. your subscription will be a valuable contribution to our drive to improve on every part of our service.

And remember, your housing officer or scheme manager is there for you to talk to for advice on any issue of concern.

We know that, for most residents, the most important service we provide is to maintain and repair their homes. We will keep all our homes in good condition, and we will carry out repairs quickly and considerately.

To subscribe to these services and developments: